Wilier Triestina Gran Turismo Frame 23" Made Italy



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Wilier Triestina Gran Turismo Frame 23″ Made Italy Name: Gran Turismo (12)Brand: Wilier BikesWeight: 1,240g
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About The Bike FrameThe Gran Turismo frame’s big and boxy tube profiles suggest a stiff and unyielding ride but in fact, it’s anything but, not so much rolling along but rather gliding across the road with impressive smoothness. Small-amplitude, high frequency chatter like course pavement and chip seal is barely perceptible and the frame even takes most of the edge off of bigger hits like potholes and pinch-flat-inducing road cracks.
The subliminal, natural-feeling handling is also well suited to the bike’s all-day intentions, with classic stage race geometry that falls somewhere in between a razor-edged crit bike and a more casual cruiser. The Gran Turismo is fantastically stable and calm at high speed – all-out 80km/h+ downhill tucks yield no drama whatsoever – and yet you can still blaze through a fast, tight turn when needed with just modest bar input unlike so-called ‘endurance’ bikes that often are less willing to lean into a corner.
Lest one think ride comfort is only for casual riders, the Gran Turismo proved to us once again that that slight bit of give also helps you go faster in certain situations. One of our regular test loops includes a wickedly fast downhill sweeper with coarse pavement and a precipitous fall-off to the right. Some uber-stiff superbikes we’ve tested in the past have felt skittery and nervous through that section, meaning we had to slow down entering the turn and had to sprint coming back out.
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