BREG STK S.T.K. Shoulder Therapy Kit Rubber Tubings Rope Pulley NEW IN BAG


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Breg’s complete shoulder therapy kit was designed to help you rehabilitate your shoulder after injury or surgery so you can get back your full strength and range of motion. The kit focuses on strength, flexibility, and range of motion. It includes surgical tubing to help increase strength, a wall pulley for various exercises, and a collapsible bar for range of motion and stretching exercises. Also included is an instruction booklet to ensure you are completing the therapy in the best way possible, and a carrying bag that holds all of the equipment.

This therapy kit should not be used immediately after a serious injury or surgery unless directed by a medical professional. If you experience pain or discomfort while using the product, slow down or stop the regimen. Always be sure to consult with a doctor before engaging in a rehabilitation regimen. View more great items



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